What are ranked ballots?

Ranked Ballots allow voters to choose multiple candidates, ranked in order of preference. If someone wins 50% or more of the vote, they are declared the winner and the election is over. However, if no one receives more than 50% the candidate with the least votes is eliminated from the race.   Ranked Ballots is otherwise known as Instant Runoff Voting because if your preferred candidate is eliminated from the race, your vote is automatically transferred to the second choice you gave on your ballot. In any given round, each voter has a single vote, just like our current system. Again, the votes are counted and if someone has a majority, they are declared the winner. If not, another candidate eliminated and it repeats until there is a majority winner.

Ontario Premiere Katherine Wynne in her 2014 Mandate Letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, gave the following instructions to the Honourable Ted McMeekin:

 Reviewing Municipal Governance

Undertaking a review of the Municipal Elections Act after the 2014 municipal elections. You will ensure that the act meets the needs of communities, and that it provides municipalities with the option of using ranked ballots in future elections, starting in 2018, as an alternative to first-past-the-post.

The goal of Ranked Ballots Windsor is to educate and encourage citizens of Windsor and  Windsor City Council take advantage of this promised amendment to The Municipal Elections Act and ask for Ranked Ballots for our 2018 Municipal Election.